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An online community that plants churches that multiply! is about choosing when, where, how, and WITH WHOM you do church/life/ministry/faith. YOUCHOOSE is scheduled to launch in November, 2016. This online community will be a fun and 'safe place' for people to consume short (2-4 minute), engaging and interesting videos on various social medium platforms. 

Once connected or subscribed, YOUCHOOSERS will be encouraged to watch weekly videos delivered through email. (eventually through an app) The community is then encouraged, when ready, to watch longer, more instructive videos in one of two tracks...
     1. Choose JESUS - learning more about what it means to have a relationship with God and to make a decision to follow Him.
     2. Choose DISCIPLESHIP - learning to be a disciple who makes a disciple.

After a sense of trust has been developed with the community and YOUCHOOSE, followers in Christ will be encouraged and equipped to launch their own Simple Church. You might have heard it called a House Church or Missional Community. Regardless, we have a platform and long-time proven 'system' that's super simple and easily manageable for anyone who desires to be a disciple who makes disciples. This 'process' has been utilized all over the world, including America, to plant well over 2 million churches.

If you would like to start a dialog about what that might look like for you and to get more details as this ministry launches, please share your information in the form below. 

If nothing else, please understand that we are a no-pressure ministry. As a startup, we have a lot to learn. But we are here to serve and let people connect with God on their terms. Do know that we have a huge vision and, of course, we want every believer to 'feel the pressure' of growing in their faith. 🙂 

We look forward to connecting soon.

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